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Home & Garden Graphics

This is my page of graphics, free to use on the web for your
websites. I do hope you will enjoy them, and use some on
your pages. They are free, but I would like you to use the
'logo' to link back to:
--it would be greatly appreciated.

Since I am new at this, I do hope you will return often,
as I put up new ones. I also hope to get better as time
goes on and I learn more. *S*


Click on each of the thumbnails that you like and it will
open the page that you may save graphics from. Right click
to Save to your folder on your hard drive. Please do not
link to my site as I may do changing around of graphics
now and then. Thank you, and enjoy!!

Kitchen Cook        Basket of Flowers        Kitten & Watering Can

Old Country Kitchen        Barnyard        Strawberries Anyone?

The House        Coming Soon        Coming Soon


Ky_Lady4 Nook In The Hills

I hope you enjoy the graphics, and you will return.
Check back now and then for new ones on the site. Thanks!
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